Ninth District Western Region


Executive Committee (EXCOM)

EXCOM is comprised of the elected, District-level Auxiliary Officers and the Active Duty Director of Auxiliary. The elected, District-level Auxiliary Officers are the District Commodore, the District Chief of Staff, the District Captains, and the Immediate Past District Commodore.These officers are identified below.

Operating Committee (OPCOM)

In addition to the EXCOM members, OPCOM includes the appointed, District-level Auxiliary Officers who manage the Logistics, Response, and Prevention Directorates. A list of these officers can be found below.

District Board

The OPCOM members and the Division Commanders (elected) make up the District Board. See the individual Division pages for the names of the Division Commanders.

District Staff Officers (DSOs)

The District Staff Officers are appointed by the District Commodore. They are responsible for all the activities within withing their specific program area. See the individual program pages for the names of the District Staff Officers.


District Commodore David Johnsen

District Commodore

Short Biography:

DCO Dave Johnsen of Beaver Dam, Wisconsin, joined the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary in 2004 and has served in a variety of positions. He recently served as District Captain-West for the Ninth District Western Region for 2014 and Division Commander of the Milwaukee Division of the Ninth District Western Region from 2012 to 2013.

DCO Johnsen has a B.A. Degree from Western Illinois University and a MBA from Keller Graduate School of DeVry University.

The highest elected office within the district, the District Commodore (DCO) reports to and represents the Auxiliary to the Coast Guard District Commander. The DCO also supervises all Auxiliary activities within his or her district.

District Chief of Staff Thomas Mullally

District Chief of Staff

Short Biography:
[To Come.]

The elected position of District Chief of Staff (DCOS) is second to the District Commodore (DCO) and supervises the District Staff Officers (DSOs) and District Directorate Chiefs (DDCs), oversees the administration and management of district/regional Auxiliary programs, and, when directed, acts for and on behalf of the DCO.

The following programs are under the direct supervision of the DCO:

Incident Management
Auxiliary Sector Coordinator
State Liaison Program (RBS Outreach)
Civil Rights Counselor

The following are under the direct supervision of the DCOS:

District Staff

Elected Leadership

District Captains (DCAPTs) report to the District Commodore and supervise Division Commanders (DCDRs) and Auxiliary Unit Coordinators (AUCs) in their respective geographic areas of responsibility.

District Directorate Chiefs (DDC)

The District Commodore appoints District Directorate Chiefs (DDCs) to oversee, coordinate, and support district/regional departments and programs. DDCs report to the District Chief of Staff (DCOS) and supervise District Staff Officers (DSOs) within their respective program areas of responsibility.

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