Ninth District Western Region


Member Services (MS)

The first and primary mission of the Auxiliary is to attract, recruit, develop, train, nurture, and retain Auxiliarists for assignment to duty. Auxiliarists are trained to accomplish specific missions assigned to the Auxiliary and to support collateral Coast Guard missions on a day-to-day and surge basis. In carrying out the mission of member services, Auxiliarists provide for internal Auxiliary personnel support and assist the Coast Guard in several personnel and recreation missions.

Related to the recruitment of Auxiliarists is the acquisition of offer-for-use surface, air, and radio facilities. These facilities are used by the Auxiliary/Auxiliarist in accomplishing assigned Coast Guard missions. The Auxiliary is responsible for establishing and maintaining the Auxiliary organization to carry out its other missions.


Recreational Boating Safety (RBS)

The Auxiliary has mission responsibility to support the Boating Safety Division (CG-5422) with the development and implementation of various RBS programs. This mission includes Auxiliary traditional activities conducted on behalf of Federal, State, and local governments to improve the knowledge, safety skills, and operating environment of recreational boaters. These include, but are not limited to.

The Auxiliary will be included in those Coast Guard recreational boating activities, programs, proposals, committees, and studies that are relevant to the Auxiliary mission and the interests of recreational boaters in the country.

Operations and Marine Safety (OMS)

The Auxiliary has general mission responsibility for providing resources, personnel, and facilities in support of the operations and marine safety, security, and environmental protection missions, and in support of other Coast Guard missions, when requested.

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Ninth District Western Region

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